Rotary Drum Screen

 Baran® brand Rotary Drum Screen is a high performance filters for solid-liquid separation.
Baran® Rotary Drum Screens are pre-treatment polishing equipment in the process of removing solid from liquid up to 200 microns through a filter drum formed by a perforated slot depending on the type and amount of solids to be separated.
Baran Rotary Drum Screen’s parts:
FILTER DRUM, made of stainless steel by the spiral winding of a triangular section on longitudinal rods. This rigid assembly retains the solids on the outer surface of a size greater than the opening used and prevents the formation of clusters inside.
FILTER BODY made of stainless steel, receiving tank that distributes it in laminar flow.
CLEANING SCRAPER, which removes the solids deposited on the surface of the filter drum.
DRIVE UNIT consists of a reduction-gear motor coupled directly on the filter drum shaft providing this with a rotational movement.
SCREENED WATER RESERVOIR is installed below the filter body and collects the filtrate.
CLEANING SYSTEM, located inside the filter drum, with nozzles that project water under pressure on the inner face of the cylinder to achieve complete cleaning.
Rotary Drum Screen Advantages:
-Separation with high speed and high accuracy
-Excellent choice to pretreatment of wastewater.
-Automatic self-cleaning
-Needless of an operator
-The least need for maintenance
-Safe functionality during operation



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