Screw Press

Multi Disk Screw Press is designed so that sludge entering through the inlet moves at a constant speed through a screw that has a decreasing pitch and dehydrated by a filtration part whit decreasing distance.
This type of structure maintains a certain gap between the exterior of the screw and the interior of the ring which prevents wear and tear of the screw and the ring. Additionally due to left and right rotation of the moving ring, foreign substances in the gap can be permanently removed. Unlike other type of screw dehydrator, multi-disk type screw press drives with gearbox which installed both end side of screws. With this gearbox force, moving rings make pendulum motion by moving shaft which is attached to gearbox and fixed ring is fixed by support beam. This moving rings and fixed rings are layered with washers between middle of rings.
Multi Disk Screw Press Advantages
-Energy Consumption is too low.
-No need any medium such as cloths
-Very low maintenance because of slow rotation.
-Fully Automation
-Non clogging of shell because of moving and fixed ring rotate in small clearance.


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