Float Turbo Aerator

In this technology the highest efficiency is obtained by connecting a helical blade directly to the shaft of electromotor without the use of gearbox and speed reducer.
Aeration is done in two principles:
1.Aeration by spraying with water in the air with tangential flow.
2.Mixing and lifting sludge from bottom level of the pond/tank/basin to top of the surface.
Float part works in such a way that occupies the least space in pond/tank/basin. It covers 5 to 10 m in diameter by considering the functionality of helical blade which depends on electromotor power.  The whole equipment is stay afloat in its position via three mooring cables between aerator and walls of pond/tank/basin, mooring cables also help to operator while maintenance.
The rate of oxygen absorption is about 1.2 to 1.8 kilogram per kilo watt electric consumption.
 Surface aerators are designed and manufactured in the range of 3 to 132 kilowatts.
Material selection of the helical blade and float body depends on the level of wastewater corrosion.
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