DAF/SAF- Flotation Unit

DAF/SAF- Flotation Unit :

Capacity: 5-150 m3/hr

Material: Normal: SS304L / Special Order: SS316L


Dissolving or saturating air in liquid is a flotation technology that helps to separate light particles, like oil and fats, and heavy particles from the liquid during circulation. As the inlet fluid flows through the inclined plates, oil and light particles run upward by the help of micro air bubbles. Consequently, the produced cake is accumulated and discharged by a scrubber. The heavy particles are conducted to the lower hopper and discharged by pneumatic valves, while cleaned fluid without any oil and heavy particles leaves the system at the same time. This technology reduces COD, O&G, BOD and TSS parameters from 40 up to 90 percent in wastewater industry which is applicable in paper industry known as Crafta to separate fibers.


  • FOOD PROCESSING – Separation the lighter particles, grease / oil and concentrate heavy particles in food products, fruit and potato chips and snacks, and oil refining.
  • MEAT PROCESSING- Separation of the fat /oil and light and heavy particles in slaughter of livestock, poultry and meat / seafood products.
  • MINERAL OIL PROCESSING- Separating the lighter particles, grease, oil and heavy particles in refinery and petrochemical industries.


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