Candle Filter

The Candle Filters are, as all pressure filters, operating on a batch cycle, candle filters are simple devices made out of clay and used to filter drinking water, Juice and syrup in order to removes turbidity, suspended materials and pathogens. Removal takes place by physical process such as mechanical trapping on the Stainless Steel candles, which have micro-scale slots. Liquid flows through a candle situated in the bottom. Once the liquid has passed through the candle, The filtrate pass the element and remain particles on the outside of elements. Maintenance includes frequent scrubbing with a CIP.
Candle Filter Advantages
-Cheap, simple and easy to use and clean
-Removes pathogens, turbidity and suspended solids
-Somewhat effective for the removal of viruses and iron
-Improves taste, smell and colour of water and syrup.
-Durable, easy to move and transport (except clay pot)


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