Rotary Vacuum Drum Filter

The process cycle of RVDF is continuous, As the drum rotates partially submerged in the slurry, vacuum draws liquid through the filter medium on the drum surface which retains the solids. The vacuum pulls air or gas through the cake and continuous to remove liquid as the drum rotates, different discharge methods can be selected. Should the filtered cake be washed, wash liquors will be introduced with spray pipes or suspended wash belts. The wash liquor can be separated from the mother liquor.
RVDF Advantages:
•Complete continuous filter system with absence of dead times during operation.
•Adjustable drum speed.
•Multiple cake discharge possibilities.
•Filter cloth continuous washing possibility.
•Filter cloth selection according each application and product.
•Possibility to have a continuous cake washing by aspersion.
•Mechanical operation, simple and save avoiding breakdowns and with easy maintenance and cleaning processes.
•Limited operation and overall costs.
•Small foot print.


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